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Recommended Readings

The faculty members expect that you will take some time in the coming months to prepare for the Summer School. They will assume that you have a basic knowledge of plasma physics, specifically with the theory of magnetohydrodynamics.

You should also be familiar with the terminologies used in the sub-disciplines that together make up heliophysics. You should know what defines the various physical domains and processes involved in space weather. Many on-line glossaries and introductory texts exist on these topics from an array of international organizations. See, for example:
British Geological Survey: Spaceweather
The National Academies Space Weather Board
Glossary of Solar Terrestrial Terms
Space Weather Prediction Center: Education and Outreach/

For background information on magnetic reconnection and solar flares, the faculty suggests:
"Magnetic Reconnection" by Priest and Forbes, Cambridge University Press, 2000