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General Information for Summer School Travelers

Each student who lives outside a 100 mile radius of Boulder, Colorado, will be provided with a roundtrip airline ticket, lodging (double occupancy), per diem and ground transportation in Colorado. Ground transportation in home countries/states will not be reimbursed except in unusual circumstances that have been pre-approved. Transportation to and from the hotel to the meeting site will also be provided.

Students selected for the Summer School will receive a travel questionnaire with their offer letter.  Travel arrangements will be made for participants once the form is received in the CPAESS office. Please be aware that no airline tickets will be purchased until the participant receives the appropriate travel visa (see Visas).

Emergency medical treatment for illness or accident is very expensive in the United States. International students should have medical Emergency insurance coverage for their stay in the U.S. If this is not available in your country, it will be provided.